What we do!

We know that many disabled people and their families struggle to plan for the future. There are lots of emotional and practical barriers which can appear to be overwhelming. Sometimes

Finding housing and support that meets your needs and wants can be a challenge. JMS Trust works from a belief that planning early for the future is important, so no one ends up in crisis or living in a setting that doesn’t suit them.

We want to see disabled people living good lives in the community, being able to access their rights and having choice and control over their lives.

To support people to achieve this vision JMS Trust offers funding to help groups of people with learning disabilities and their families to set up their own supported living. This funding is to contribute to property conversion and renovation costs.

We can also offer support and advice on setting up your own supported living house, including the possibility of visiting people using this model, to see how they work.

What are the benefits?

We think this is a positive way of working with lots of benefits. For example,

  1. Disabled people and their families are in control
  2. Enables disabled people to live independently
  3. Creating a tailored and person-centred support
  4. Having your own home
  5. Having greater influence over the location and design of your home
  6. You can choose who provides the support and what that support looks like
  7. You can choose who lives in the house
  8. Choosing how you are part of the community

To view our eligibility criteria, click here.