What we do!

JMS Trust’s central goal is to support adults with learning disabilities and their families to come together to establish small, local supported living accommodation where they can live safe, happy, independent lives as valued, active members of their local community.

We know that many families planning for the future is difficult, emotional and sometimes overwhelming. Families often tell us;

Finding housing and support that meets the needs and aspirations of your loved one is often therefore a challenge. The Trust works from a belief that planning early for the future is important, so no one ends up in crisis or living in a setting that doesn’t suit them.

We want to see adults with learning disabilities living independent, active, valued, meaningful lives in their own homes. We want to ensure they have the same rights and choices as everyone else and have maximum control over how they live their lives.

To support people to achieve this vision JMS Trust offers funding to help groups of people with learning disabilities and their families to set up their own supported living.

We can also offer support and advice on setting up your own supported living house, including the possibility of visiting people using this model, to see how they work.

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