Examples: Oxfordshire

One of the first projects that JMS Trusts was finalised in Oxfordshire in 2017.

The house was for four friends who’s families had come together after releasing they needed a longer term plan for their children’s futures.

A house was purchased by a local learning disability housing charity with support of some of the parents. JMS Trust provided funding to completely strip and renovate the property. This meant surveys and updates could be made to both the electrics, gas supply and plumbing, making it more sustainable for the future. All of the rooms were updated, made safe and accessible.

Being able to set up their own supported living in their local area has given everyone the chance keep up their busy social lives and work.

One of the parents said,

"Our son loves his new home, he visited us recently and was anxious to get home for tea. The benefits of him having his new house are enormous; its hard to put into words…. We always knew the day would come where he would have to move out there are no words to describe how good the feeling is knowing that no matter what happens to us that he will be okay."